Does Led lights need to use the starter?

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Update time : 2016-09-18 15:46:29
Starter is a fluorescent lamp filament preheating and to increase the voltage across the lamp, the lamp is lit to facilitate the automatic start switch is mainly used in fluorescent lamps.

With advances in technology, the market appeared LED lights, LED light-emitting diode is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices, can be converted directly into electricity to light, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, gradually replaced the fluorescent lamps . Because it is directly converts electrical energy into light energy, and therefore does not require the use of starter, someone to ask, why?

LED heart is a semiconductor wafer by a P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor, one end of the wafer is attached to a bracket, one end is negative, and the other end connected to the positive power supply, so that the whole chip is epoxy encapsulated. P-type semiconductor in which the hole dominant, N-type semiconductor mainly electronic, semiconductor when the two are connected, it will form a P-N junction. When the current through the wire act on the chip, the electron will be pushed to P zone, constitutes a P region minority carrier injection hole recombination energy of these electrons and valence band, the composite obtained in the form of light energy release out, so turn on the LED lights. Fluorescent lighting in an instant starter need to provide a high voltage transients, while the LED lights do not need this high voltage transients can, so LED lamps are not required to use the starter.

However, for security reasons, Europe and the United States currently LED lamps can only accept a single-ended power supply, single-ended power supply will need to use the starter. When the LED lamp directly replace ordinary fluorescent lamps, it relates to the line conversion issues, so is the choice whether or CE UL standards, LED lamp installed with strict standards, the selection of the led starter also has strict size standards provisions.

LED lamp supporting the use of starter is refitted, the internal direct connection with a FUSE, in order to prevent users without their knowledge, ordinary fluorescent tubes as the LED lamps can play installation a protective effect.