Common Faults of Fluorescent Lamps

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Update time : 2016-11-29 10:06:40
As the fluorescent accessories more, so the failure is relatively more than incandescent. Common faults are as follows:
(1) When the power is connected, the fluorescent lamp does not light. Failure reasons: lamp and lamp holder, fluorescent tube starter and starter seat bad contact; filament broken; ballast coil circuit; new fluorescent lamp wiring error; power is not connected.
(2) lamp life is short or immediately after the light off. Failure causes: ballast with the specifications inappropriate or poor quality; ballast internal coil short circuit, resulting in lamp voltage is too high and burned filament; by shock, so that the filament is broken; new lamp due to wiring error will light Tube burned out.
(3) fluorescent light flashing or only two head light. Failure reasons: neon bulb within the dynamic and static contact can not be separated or capacitor breakdown is short-circuit: ballast with the specifications inappropriate; lamp loose or ballast connector loose; lamp outdated; power supply voltage too low.
(4) light in the lamp rolling or flashing lights. Failure reasons: a new temporary phenomenon; lamp quality is not good; ballast with the specifications inappropriate or wiring loosening; starter poor contact or damage.
(5) the lamp ends black or raw black spots. Reason: the lamp is outdated, the life will be the end of the phenomenon; such as the new lamp, it may be due to damage to the starter filament emission material to accelerate the evaporation; lamp condensation of mercury is a common phenomenon; power supply voltage is too high or Improper use of ballast.
(6) ballast with noise or electromagnetic sound. Failure of the ballast: poor quality or the core of the silicon steel sheet is not clamped; ballast overload or its internal short circuit; ballast overheating; electrical voltage is too high; starter is not good, causing the open Glow noise.
(7) ballast overheating or smoke. Fault reason: ballast internal coil short circuit; power supply voltage is too high; lamp flashing time is too long.